Hunt Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships - Peru Petroleum Economist Awards

Hunt Oil Company was awarded "Best Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign" in 2009 for its Hunt Global Partnerships program by the London-based Petroleum Economist Magazine. In 2010, Peru’s National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy named Hunt Global Partnerships the winner of its Sustainable Development Award for promoting local development.

During its 75-plus years of existence, Hunt Oil Company (a subsidiary of Hunt Consolidated, Inc.) has been active in many parts of the world.  Early in the 21st century, the company determined that the needs of our neighbors warranted a comprehensive new model for corporate social responsibility that could be implemented anywhere our work takes us around the world.  Hunt Global Partnerships works to bring together local communities, non-governmental organizations and local, state and federal governments to produce sustainable projects that provide critical services for the individuals and families located in our project areas of influence worldwide.

Hunt Global Partnerships is currently serving more than 50,000 people in Peru and has received numerous accolades for the results our programs produce.